Apple HomePod - Roman Alexander

Apple HomePod

By Roman Alexander

  • Release Date: 2018-04-19
  • Genre: Engineering


This book offers answers to questions around HomePod and shows how to use all the important features of your Apple HomePod in minutes.  You'll see how much fun you'll have using your HomePod - and save time!
Get this book today to get started with your HomePod and HomeKit for your Smart Home!
What does it offer? 
★ What is Apple HomePod? How do I set up Apple HomePod? What is Apple HomeKit? Who's Siri? 
★ The perfect setup - your new HomePod can be set up in just a few minutes 
★ Using voice commands for music, movies, series, and smart home 
★ Automated processes with Apple automation 
★ How to control your own Smart Home with Apple and HomeKit 
★ How to integrate devices in Apple Home, even if they don't support Apple HomeKit natively
★ Listen to the radio 
★ Funny questions and entertainment with HomePod and Siri 
★ Weather Forecast 
★ Your morning program - an automation
★ Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home: The big comparison across all major categories.